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Sims - Harley's LJ Update


:Insert something profound here:

Truly I am a witty bitch...

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Sims - Harley's LJ Update

Best get some cream on that BURN.

A phone exchange that occurred not five minutes ago.

Me: Hello?

Telemarketer: Hello?

Me: -_- Yes?

Telemarketer: Am I speaking to the owner of this number?

Me: No.

Telemarketer: Well sir I'm (mumbles name) from (mumbles company name...I honestly missed them both). Do you own a computer, sir?

Me: Yes.

Telemarketer: Well sir, our system shows that your computer has errors and--

Me: If your system shows my computer has errors, then why did you have to ask if I owned a computer?

Telemarketer: Uh...

Me: Let me tell you why; because the business model of WHATEVER it is you guys are attempting to do is to try and scare computer illiterate people into buying whatever you're selling by throwing technical mumbo-jumbo at them, assuming they're too stupid to argue with you because you use words like "system" and "errors".

Telemarketer: (brief shocked pause) Well...sir...

Me: Here, let me make this faster for you. (hangs up)

Someday people will learn what a mistake it is to treat me like I'm stupid...even if it's an accident...

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Oh damn, I felt the burn from here. You were AWESOME.


Thank you, thank you...I'll be here all week!

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