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Sims - Harley's LJ Update


:Insert something profound here:

Truly I am a witty bitch...

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Sims - Harley's LJ Update

Fifty Shades of Wrong...

I am not a Harry Potter fan. I admit to learning random terms just to throw them out in conversation for no reason other than my amusement.

Dennis will, at times, quiz me on Harry Potter because my lack of knowledge amuses HIM.

I think he won't do it again.

Me: (spouting some nonsensical factoids about the Tri-Wizard Tournament)

Dennis: And what do you get a the end of it?

Me: (pause) Raped.

Me and Dennis: (laugh for two whole minutes)

Dennis: N-no...you don't get raped...

Me: That would have made the books go in a WHOLE different direction...

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"No. Don't kill the spare."

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