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Mr. Punch can see your soul...

Really? REALLY?!

Exchange that occurred in the living room as I sat and watched Friday the 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

Me: (looks up from book as the movie nears it's end. I often read while I watch tv. It's called "multitasking". Look it up!) Ugh. This is why this movie is the worst one. River of toxic waste under New York City. Honestly.

Chris: ........that happens?

Me: What? Wait...are...are you asking me if there is a river of toxic waste that flows under New York City?

Chris: Mmhmm.

Me: (beat, flatly) No.

He's not a stupid man (I have to tell myself that in order to stave off the crippling depression of the opposite being true), but sometimes he asks me things with such...innocent sincerity, I can't even make jokes.

It would be like kicking a puppy.

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All I wanted out of that movie is for them to handle -all- the deaths, on and off-screen, with a little more sanity.

It's the Jason equivalent of 'Star Trek: Voyager'.

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